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Thursday, December 27, 2012


there are several things that happen this time of year. people drink too much and spend a lot of time moaning about their hangovers and promising never ever to do it again; honest guv.
people eat too much and then spend days worrying about their weight and look around for quick solutions. january is a good month for those quick solutions: a lot of magazines and papers will be carrying their own surefire quick fix diet - drink brussel sprout shakes with a dash of horseradish and the pounds will melt off (and friends will leave), sort of thing will be everywhere. these will be aided by the every popular fitness dvd, for sure there are less of them now, but a celeb of some sort will have their fat burn muscle toning dvd out there for you to buy, watch once and never put back on - still that is £10 not spent of doughnuts.

jo swinson, a cabinet minister and a liberal democrat, has entered the fray and has written a letter to all magazine editors asking them not to promote fad diets.
the letter went out today, not the best of times to be telling magazines to change what they might be having in the january issues as most of them are already on the newsstand now - ready to be bought. still at least she tried.

ms. swinson makes the point that regulation isn't always the best way to get change to occur, this would be the famous 'nudge' technique beloved of david cameron, and at least this way she can avoid being accused of nanny statism.

still ms. swinson has a point. fad and crash diets work, if they truly do, only in the short term and have possible long term health consequences. much better to be sensible and make small changes for long term and permanent gains. exercise more, eat less and eat better. yet the helter-skelter nature of modern life almost precludes this, besides we all just want a quick fix.

jo swinson makes another valid point in her plea and that is that magazines and newspapers make an effort to "celebrate the beauty of diversity in body shape, skin colour, size and age",
fat chance of that happening

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