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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


in case you don't know it: i love coffee.
i don't drink quite as much as i used to.

it can be a straight black coffee. it can be a latte. maybe a white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso. it is all about the caffeine. i can enjoy a coffee while sitting in front of the computer. i enjoy it when i am watching a movie. i can drink coffee alone in coffee shops and watch the world go by, or it can be with compnay (coffee is always improved by a good conversation).

i love coffee.

so it makes sense that on this advent list of advent list there should be a coffee making machine.

i give you the jura giga 5 one touch bean-to-cup coffee is very good when it comes to microfoaming (i am not even sure what that is), swiss engineered it is designed to deliver the perfect blend of coffee and milk. it is whisper quiet and can prepare the milk and coffee at the same time.comes with intuitive controls. also features thermoblock heating and venti ports - i mean what more can you say. 
oh swooping brushed aluminium. winner. i'm sold on it. 

best of all it is just £3,750. (or  1250 cups of coffee at my local, wonderful, coffee shop: street coffee at brick lane).

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