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Sunday, December 02, 2012


i am a keen photographer. (many would say i am not a good photographer).
i have often maintained that the art of photography isn't about the kit you use but the way you compose your photos.
you can have a pretty basic camera and be able to produce fantastic photos because you know how to frame an image. if you do not know what makes an interesting shot having the world's most expensive camera isn't going to help you one iota.

not that in my advent calendar of desire that makes any difference.
i am sure my photos of graffiti strewn walls and rubbish in the street will be immensely improved by me owning a hasselblad h5d-200ms. a snip at £35,874. as it comes with no lens i might as well add a full set of hasselbald lenses - which will add another £44,000 to the price.
cheap at twice the price.

just looking at it makes we want to rush out into the street to find a crushed can of coke or a stray shoe to photograph.

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