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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the love that americans have for their guns is bizarre. even more so when events such as the recent school massacre takes place, as then we see the odd twists and turns of logic that are used to defend gun culture. this is one of those moments where we have no touchstone to the debate, it is one of those moments that reminds that regardless of the all pervasive nature of american culture we are not like them.

i am still shocked when i see armed police rock up at my local beigel shop so that they can fill up on a salt beef with pickle beigel and a cake.
the day when i set the alarms off at downing street, a simple mistake to make i can tell you, and was approached by a machine gun wielding copper was a little tense. while his finger never left the trigger you could tell that all he was thinking was: 'stupid tourist'.

so, as much as i hate to say it, i agree with piers morgan (i know the shame of it), when he told the executive director of 'gun owners of america' "you're an unbelievably stupid man, aren't you?"

the only problem is the fracas it has caused.
quite a few americans have started a petition to get piers morgan deported.
why do they want to do this? for them they see that he has made an attack on the constitution, specifically the second amendment. not that i want to defend mr. morgan - but surely in the land of the free that has an amendment that guarantees the right to free speech that is a little questionable.
or is it like all debates that involve free speech - at some point you are arguing that some speech isn't free, where in this case the gun lobby is picking which amendment to defend.

as i said at the start there is no point in me getting involved in a debate over gun culture in america. i don't understand it. i will never understand it. what i do know is: we don't want piers morgan back.

so please american gun lobby you need a stalking horse to win back support, surely you have someone among your ranks who can out debate piers. i am sure ted nugent isn't doing much next month or so (unless he makes good on his promise of what would happen if obabma was re-elected). look i don't care who you find to debate with piers morgan but find someone and keep piers in  the usa.

we don't want him.

he's yours now.

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