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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


have i told you i don't watch much tv?

i have this old big chunky tv that sits in the corner that rarely got turned on to watch tv programmes and now that the world of tv has gone digital it never gets turned on for anything other than watching dvds.

my main problem with tv is that much of what i wanted to watch was on channels i never had.
or that when there was something i wanted to watch i was never organised enough to actually get home in time to watch it.
there was a time when the only things i watched regularly were 'the teletubbies' and 'sunset beach'.

i know there is a lot of good tv out there and i would like to start watching some of it again. if i am going to do that i may as well get a new tv. something big, something fantastic.
if i could what i would love to have is one wall lined with multiple screens so i could flick between various programmes - a cross between a turner prize installation and the matrix.
for the purposes of this advent calendar i will skip over that and just settle for one tv screen.

so how about the samsung 9 series ue75es9000 full hd 75" led 3d tv?
it comes with freeview and freesat built in, and with the wonder of technology it eliminates nearly all flickers and produces almost lifelike viewing pleasure. a cinematic experience. no need to hunt for the remote as you can interact with this tv by talking or waving at it - that should make bbc's question time more interesting!
it doesn't stop there - through the wonder of the internet and apps there is more content available than you could care to shale a stick at. apparently it will never go out of date (the so called future proofing - that many tech companies are offering, which i am sure works until the next must have release comes along and tech envy kicks in). because it is 3d you get four pairs of glasses to watch it with - well you need to have something you can lose or else what would be the fun of it?

i tell you it is a winner and i want it (until apple tv comes along).

the wrestlers of the wwe will never look better.

according to pc world now is the time to get it as they have taken £500 off the suggested retail price and right now it is available for the knock down price of £7499, cheap at twice the price.

see how thin that is? i would probably lose it in the mess... 


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