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Saturday, December 08, 2012


there are reports that london is due to face its coldest winter in 20 years. they have even started calling it 'the beast from the east' as it is a weather pattern that is coming our way out of russia (i tell you those newspaper editors are clever guys).

talking about temperature's as low as -12 in some parts, and -5 in london.

the bbc's weather forecast for london is not quite as grim.
though the one thing we know about weather forecasting is that it could be done by the office for budget responsibility based on how reliable it tends to be.

however i can tell you this: no matter how accurate that forecast is the things we can guarantee is that airports and railway system will close down and suffer severe disruption at the first drop of snow. that local councils throughout the land will not have enough grit to cover their roads, and even if they do they will do it too late for it to be effective. that there will be lots of talking heads muttering about how places such as canada, switzerland and russia cope with these situations so much better than we do in the uk.boris will use it as further proof that there should be an estuary island airport, while baa will say it proves that heathrow needs to be expanded. the business community will demand that government does more to weather proof the infrastructure, while also complaining that taxes are just a bit too high.
to make matters worse someone somewhere will ask someone from the taxpayers alliance just what they think.

gotta love winter.

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