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Monday, October 09, 2006


woke up to sounds of radio 5 telling me that north korea had tested a nuclear device while i slept (not that they have an obligation to do it while i am awake).
the nuclear club just got bigger.
the world is just that much safer now.
on the one hand we have the potential clash of civilisations.
on the other hand we have the war on terror.

in a sense you can see why north korea have done it, they have seen themselves be branded as part of the axis of evil, they have seen american belligerence in action in iraq and threats against iran. now north korea can say “don’t fuck with us long time, or else we blow you long time.”

now i kinda trust america, britain and france not to fire off their nuclear arsenals.
but the world is filled with too many hotspots now what with israel and the middle east, india and pakistan, pakistan and islamic fundamentalism, north korea and anyone who looks at them funny.
too many itchy fingers on too many big red buttons.

still it sort of takes the edge off office politics.

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