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Monday, June 17, 2013



i don't go out that often. partly it is because i am a miserable git (no it's true, i know you find that hard to believe) and partly because i am broke.
so when i get a freebie to a fetish club i am there like flies on shit.
after all who in their right mind is going to turn down the chance to look at gorgeous girls in rubber, leather and very little (oh ok maybe anne widdicombe - but she doesn't count).

the club is dark, grotty and hot.
the music is banging (i believe that is the term that da kidz use).
i am getting my sweat on.
i'd like to say it was because i was movin' and groovin', shimmying and shaking, but it was because i was wobbling and bobbling.
my dad dancing began to take a toll on my knees so much to the relief of all the young trendies i took myself off the dance floor, moved to one of the quieter areas and sat down.

now i am not a nosy person, but sometimes you just can't help earwigging a conversation or two.
to my left a tall skinny bloke was doing his best to impress. she was dressed in a slinky tight white thing and made even more stunning by her bald head. they were chit chatting. he was telling her about some mutual friend they had. she was nodding along. he was making progress.
he told her that he wasn't the sort of person to break a confidence as he was quite a private person himself and he didn't like people blabbing about personal stuff. this went down well with the woman.

from my vantage point it was slightly ruined by the fact that although he was wearing a pair of rubber shorts he was standing there with his cock out.

i guess it was just one of those things he was happy to share.

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