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Monday, June 10, 2013


misanthropic blues

considering the beliefs i hold i really don't hold my fellow humans in very high regard at all.
individually there are some stars out there.
mostly though the mass of people are pretty much twats.

this has been brought home to me by my recent, forced, mingling with people on the work programme.
a number of stereotypes are proved to be correct.
a few blokes are so obnoxious that it is hard to stop yourself wishing they are caught in a torrent of kippers. they are the sort of chaps who go on about how they don't care if the jobcentre sanctions them because they aren't bothered, but they come to their sessions every day. they are the sort of blokes who love to hear themselves talk even though they are talking such shit that they may as well have 'arsehole' written on their foreheads. they are the sort of blokes who give it large and think they are clever and funny but are probably the ones in their circle of pals who are laughed at rather than with.
it is not that the women are much better - their saving grace is most of them are quiet.

the common denominator is that for all of them it isn't their fault and someone else is always to blame.

these are the days when my supply of the milk of human kindness has curdled.

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