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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


how it works

the jobcentre sends its 'clients' to work programmes.
depending on how helpful your advisor is you might get some information about the work programme provider. my advisor was shit. so i didn't get any information at all.
no biggie.

the thing is you don't get sent on the work programme straight away you have had to be attending the jobcentre for awhile. during which time your advisor has picked up a few things about you and made a few notes about you on the computer system.
at least you would have thought so.

now i am a firm believer that you can never have enough education and that when free courses come your way it isn't a bad idea to take them. you can always learn something that might be useful in other circumstances. a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

funny thing is i reckon that the advisors in the jobcentre need to do a bit of study - because they are pretty useless. well that is unfair. it is more that they are careless and couldn't care less if they tried.

the work programme i am starts with two weeks of class based teaching and a bunch of tests.
the jobcentre has managed to send along one person who doesn't speak a word of english - a fact that their advisor would be well aware of. two others can't read or write - again something that their advisors should be aware of and if they were not then it is something that should be flag on the computer systerm.

by sending them along to the work programme they have managed to waste people's time and embarrass people by sending them to something that they are not capable of doing.

i tell you it fills me with confidence.

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