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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


how it works

the unemployed can be placed on a workfare programme.
this is done at the behest of the jobcentre - your advisor puts you forward to the programme.

at the programme you are asked to bring proof of being on benefits - that ignores the very real and pertinent fact that very few people would choose to spend their time in a mixed group of people who don't want to be in the room.
that we have no option but to be there is proof of being in receipt of benefits, you would have thought.
but you have to have proof because the various organisations involved with the workfare programme are all claiming money from the government.
the unemployed are a resource.
we have become a new sector in the economy.
we provide a source of income for a new group of professionals.

what is provided?
what will i get?
i will get (maybe) a certificate of employability. yes i am on an accredited course that teaches me to, wait for it, wait for it - to look for work.
the very fact that i am unemployed and i have been for a long time is proof that i need help (there also needs to be jobs), but to actually get a qualification in looking for work is a completely new thing.
i am sure employers are out there hoping that people come to them armed with an employability certificate - especially one that is award based on less than a week of study.

perhaps i am being cynical.

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