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Monday, June 10, 2013


no shit sherlock

oh look another politician has his snout in the trough. i am just surprised that anyone is surprised these days.

oh look thames water made a very large profit and paid no corporation tax on it. they still managed to put up their bills to 'finance' their improvements, and now they are not paying taxes. i doubt their shareholders will be going without a bit of cash in their pockets though. still i doubt if anyone is surprised.

oh look government spy (sorry intelligence) agencies have been caught keeping track of us by monitorinig and data mining various social media sites. no shit. seriously didn't we all think that the intelligence services were monitoring us at all times anyway? or was that just that i have been reading too much david icke?
after all now that so many of us have taken to the internet and social media - laying our every thought open to the casual glances of total strangers we must have thought to ourselves that the various intelligence agencies would have been doing the same thing.
no one can be surprised that it goes on.
we might be surprised at how poorly they have justified it.
we may also be surprised at just how the governments, internet service providers and content providers haven't seen the most obvious way to sell this intrusion to the general population.all they have to do is say that as a result of this protection against terrorism what they can now do is close down all the child porn sites on the internet.
with that one stroke (as it were) they have rescued themselves.

or they could have done if they has been sensible.

(anyone who uses that idea - please feel free to give me a job).

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