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Monday, June 10, 2013


another hole in one

a few years ago i had a long discussion with a work colleague about jeans (true it might have been better if we had been discussing genes and how we could cure multiple illnesses, alas we were not). the reason we were talking about jeans wasn't because i have an interest in fashion (i don't - although i am the first to comment on stupid fashions: the onesie being slight preferable to low slung jeans), it was to do with the fact i was lamenting the death of another pair of jeans as the hole in the arse area had become too big to hide.

for some odd reason all my jeans go in the arse - never in the hip and trendy look at me knee area - only the please tell me i have clean undies on area.
it might be that my emitting toxic fumes on a regular basis has a terrible effect on denim - i don't know. it might just be that i am too fat and i wear the arse out quicker than the knees because i spend more time sitting on my fat arse.

whatever the reason the jeans had gone at the arse.
i was upset as they were a nice and well worn in pair of jeans.

my colleagues argument was that i should be spending sensible money on a pair of jeans. get a branded pair she told me - not those cheap jeans from sainsbury's. she continued to tell me that her levis has lasted her 10 years. i pointed out that my cheap jeans may not have last as long as her expensive ones - but i could buy more pairs for my money and those extras would mean i was clad in denim longer.
yay me!

it is an argument i still hold to - even though the cheap jeans have increased in price to the princely sum of £5.

(there is another reason why i don't rush to wear 'label' clothes: i am a fat slob. no matter what i wear i look like a fat slop. while wearing something expensive may appeal (it would be nice to have the money to spend) i am not going to look much better in a pair mcqueen styled jeans than i am in a pair of george style jeans).

subsequently what tends to happen is that i go out and buy several pairs of cheap jeans.
it looks like the penultimate wave of jeans i have bought have come to an end: yet another pair have developed a very big hole in the arse.

i can feel a trip to asda coming on.

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