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Monday, June 17, 2013



strictly speaking this wasn't overheard more it was blasted into me and left me gobsmacked.
currently i am suffering having to listen to magic fm, a radio station that dares to call itself a music station.
technically i can't fault that description - but it is a very limited definition of music.
still as they have a tendency to describe records as 'new' even though they have been playing them for months i guess that is to be expected.

a couple of things quickly become apparent when listening to magic - they have very little taste, they don't have many records and those that they do have are played to death.

there is also a genre of song - most typified by eric clapton's 'you are wonderful tonight' where he drones on about how much he loves his girlfriend/wife/poodle with all the emotion and passion of a damp sock left by the side of the road. listening to most of these types of songs it is no wonder why the object of the song has left or is on the verge of leaving - they are sick and tired of the whining of their singer songwriter partner who thinks they are some modern day bard but have just scratched some doggerel in the dirt.

so there i am suffering through yet another play of gotye's 'somebody i used to know' followed by passenger's 'let her go' and wondering if the geneva convention covers this sort of torture when the disc jockey drops the bombshell.

'next up is will young's new song 'jealousy', will is someone who never has a poor song...'


at that point all hope had gone, to be filled with a black cold despair.
the world is not a fair place and magic fm is its soundtrack.

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