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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


stop. stop right now. no really. just stop. there is probably a lot of things that london organising committee of the olympic games (locog) have done wrong, and no doubt they will do more things wrong before the games start. yet they have done an awful lot right. pretty much all the venues are done and dusted. test events have been taking place. yet every time they release more tickets there is whinging and whining. yes it was a long winded process, but it was a pretty clear process. you knew what was happening. no matter what method they had used to sell and allocate tickets locog were always going to be on a hiding to nothing. why? simple - more people want to attend the olympic games than there are tickets available. even i can work out that math. so if you didn't get a ticket don't worry - you will probably get a better and more comfortable view sitting at home watching it on tv. if you want the experience of being jostled and harried, just start each day with a trip on the jubilee line to stratford and then go home to watch it on tv. right now - let's all forget about the tickets.

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