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Saturday, February 04, 2012


i love the snow. i always have. i hope i always will.
i love it because it is special - it transforms the world around you into a (cliche alert) wonderland.
i love it because a couple of my fondess memories are to do with the snow.
the day adam and i spent in the snow throwing a rugby ball at each other, while making up terrible puns based on tracks from our favourite rock bands. it was a day where white covered the race course estate, and turned a dour housing estate magical. it was also the day when i had icicles in my beard.
or the late night on horsenden hill with dave and a sled. the whole hill to ourselve. virgin snow. cold crisp air. clear sky, bright stars. lots of laughs as we climnbed the hill and sledded down it. it was a time just before we had to start pretending we were adults, our last time when the only cares we had in the world were to do with exams and girls (and in dave's case his only problem was how to juggle them).

it is still snowing.
it is not heavy, it is constant. the snow making a nice crunch under your feet. it changes the sounds of everything - even the traffic sounds better. people have come out to play in it, laughing and excited - their inner child allowed to make snow angels.

i love snow, always have.
i hope i always will.

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