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Friday, February 03, 2012


i love the daily mail. there i have said it.
i love liz jones. there i have said it.
if i could have the daily mail's babies i would - that is how much i love it.

i admit my love for the daily mail is odd and creepy and i should seek help, but i can't help myself.
where else can you see people get worked up by non-stories or see nothing be pumped up into something dire: the sky is falling because of eu directives or health and safety regulations.

from reading the daily mail middle-england seems to still be waging war against the boche and have yet to forgive vichy france.

sometimes it is hard to know what irks the readers of the daily mail most: health and saftey, human rights or the european union (eu).

today it is the eu.
the eu have a policy document called "developing the european dimension in sport", it was published mid-january.
the daily mail has a headline that goes like this:
"british sporting heroes 'should wear eu flag on their national team shirts'"

(now i have skimmed the policy document and i can't see anything that actually says anything like this, but i don't know what has been debated and agreed.)

as ever with the daily mail when you read the article it doesn't quite tally with the headline. but first here is a mock-up of what the daily mail thinks wayne rooney will look like in his eu approved england jersey.

the actual article does state that any such move would be purely voluntary, oh and that it be '..displayed on the clothing of athletes from member states, alongside with the national flags.'
not quite as the headline or the image would have you believe.
not quite forced to replace the national flag, more of if you want to you can have the eu flag in addition.

as if to prove what dastardly people the burghers of the eu can be the daily mail cites the recent case where the eu (the rotters) fined the university of northampton more than £56,000 for not displaying the eu flag(boo hiss - those petty minded paper pushers)even though the university had been in receipt of funding from the european regional development fund, and part of the conditions for the money was displaying the flag (but still did they have to enforce it... )

a non-story blown out of all proportion. fantastic. the usual daily mail.
it is why i love it so much.

what really makes the daily mail so very special (needs) is the contribution of its readers. here are a few of my favourites

fceu !!
- hunty, carnforth, ***** witty and succinct – unusual for the mail readership.

how about we have the eu flag branded to our foreheads? then everyone will know who owns us. the eu is like a cancer, always wanting more, never satisfied, seeking complete dominance in every sphere, spreading to every sector of our lives. please tell me, when was this war where we lost to the eu? did someone forget to send us the memo? as we are treated like a defeated people, cattle to be bought and sold. the truth is that our mps have sold us into slavery for 30 pieces of silver, generation after generation.
- dino fancellu, epsom, ***** the standard over the top, makes little sense response.

its one thing to take away our freedom to speak, but try and take my idenity and i will fight you all the way.
- anne mcguinnesss, middlesbrough ***** because our identity is always tied into what the footie team is doing.

i bought an eu flag on ebay for £5 and set fire to it on video and posted it on was removed within 12 hours. they won't change my mind or my attitude though....
- mickey v, manchester uk (not eu), 3/2/2012 23:00
over our dead bodies, soon we will see direct action against these europhiles and their places of work
- rob, england, 3/2/2012 19:52 ***** planning a riot, which seems odd considering how the mail was so anti the rioters.
mickey and rob need to get together to plan their direct action – if they do it right they can make it a social protest and art performance at the same time. i can see a turner prize on the horizon for them, mind you being daily mail readers they probably don’t like modern art.

what a shame! i had been looking forward to watching the olympics too.
- gladys friday, london,
well i for will not be attending any england game if they have that disgusting flag on their shirts
- kazza , sunderland england, ***** two for the price of one – because we only watch these things because of the designs of their shirts (which would explain why rugby league has never taken off), and from what gladys is saying she is only there while the british team is there – so few finals being watched in her house (if she still bothers to watch).

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