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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


i had planned on writing a coruscating and vitriolic piece lamenting the fragmentation of language and meaning. pontificating on how 'oppressed groups' were reclaiming words for their use or how the youth had co-opted certain words for slang and how this double divide of minority and generation made discussing certain topics such a linguistic maze as to be almost impenetrable.

then i thought fuck it that is just going to go wrong.

not that it mattered as another thing popped up that was equally playing on my mind.
yes boris tbe blonde blusterer.
i can't say i am all that keen on having ken livingstone back, but let's be fair it has to be anyone but boris.
what has begun to annoy me is how everything vaguely new for london is being prefaced by 'boris'. it worked ok with the 'boris bike' (which i believe was put into action by ken and came to fruition under boris), then there was the 'boris bus', the so-called new routemaster which has none of the charm of the original and really is just a slightly sleeker double-decker. regardless the boris prefix worked becase of the 'b'.

we have also had the boris island - the proposed thames estuary floating airport.

we are potentially going to be subjected to the 'boris pod'. quite why these olympic games information kiosks are credited to boris is unclear. surely they should be 'seb sheds'?

so i was going to propose a ban on attaching boris' name to anything other than boris himself. until i saw that yvette cooper, the shadow home secretary, had described the allocation of an additional £90 million to the metropolitan police, ostensibly to cover the cost of the olympics and the diamond jubilee, as a 'boris bung'.

yeah i like that: a boris bung.

cancel the boris ban, and remember to keep dropping the boris bung into conversations.

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