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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


rebakah brooks, ex news international, has 'fostered' a retired police nag. shock. horror. as we all know there are lots of problems with news international. not only has there been the phone hacking scandal but there also seems to be a culture of corruption and collusion between the company and the metropolitan police force. this revelation that ms brooks has availed herself of a service that is readily available to all is further sign of conspiracy. to think that stabling a steed could cause such a ruckus. lots of us hate rupert murdoch and what he stands for and what he has done. yet pretty much all of us benefit in some way or another from his work. when the sunday sun was being released there was a question posed on 5live as to whether or not people would buy it. most said that they wouldn't sully their hands with it but then they had never bought the sun, would never buy it and would never give money to murdoch. a large number of them were supporters of liverpool football club. a club who do very well from the money they get from sky. that is ignored by the fans. i may never buy the sun, but i have bought the times and the sunday times. i have enjoyed many movies that have come from a murdock owned movie company and i have read a fair few books published by companies owned by rupert. (even the coverage of, the now sainted, marie colvin was at terrible pains to ignore that she had worked for 25 years for the sunday times). ms. brooks is not a stupid women. her husband is a former horse trainer. ms. brooks is known to saddle up with people like david cameron. so it is not unreasonable to believe that regardless of the dealings that she had with the police because of her news international role that she would have known about the scheme to 'foster' some of inspector knackers knackered nags. to hear a couple of the labour members of parliament on the radio today - you would have thought that this was the smoking gun they had all been waiting for. it wasn't. one of them said that there were many children in birmingham who would like to have the loan of a police horse (yes and i would also like parliamentaty privelege - but neither me or the children of birmingham are in a position for our desires to come to pass). he continued that it was interesting that this story had come out now as it was obscuring a more important story - such as deputy assistant commissioner sue akers allegations of a 'corrupt network' of public officials. what did the mp focus on? the 'real' story? or the soft fluffy one. yup you guessed it. a fellow mp appearing the same show - made a series of bad puns, huffed and puffed about how murdoch was bad but failed to prove or explain how looking after the nag was inherently bad. it seems that in their zeal to land a killer blow at ms. brooks, mr. murdoch and news international they are throwing everything that they can at them in the hope that some of it will stick. sadly they are in danger of (ahem) flogging a dead horse. (all that and for such a poor payout...)

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