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Sunday, February 12, 2012


david cameron seems to have several personas. there is the smug git. there is the bullying toff. finally there there the paternalistic patrician. none of these facets of his personality are particularly surprising, after all he is part of the aristocracy. it is natural for him to be a bully and to believe he knows best. recently david cameron has made two forays into the realm of social commentary - outlining his vision of what should be, his version of what it right. in the world of business he has said that there should be more womrn on the boards of businesses. he wants the businesses to do this for themselves, but he hasn't ruled out the use of government power to bring in and impose quotas. the reason for wanting women on boards is more than just social justice and equality, apparently women bring a better balance to decision making. they are a moderating force. even the world of football now has the caring concerned hand of cameron. the recent racism controversies have caused an uproar, in both the world of football and the wider world. these racist incidents were between players. a friend of mine tells me that racism is dealt with harshly on the terraces. neither case has been dealt with particularly well by the footballing authorities. david cameron has waded in. he says "my message is clear. we will not tolerate racism in's vital too that more coaches and managers from black and minority ethnic groups make it to the top of the game and i know the premier league among others are working hard to try and make this happen." it is hard to argue with cameron on either of the points. he is right about improving women's oppurtunities in the boardroom. he is right that racism has no place in society and that there is a case to be made for better reprentation of minorities in the top roles of the game. (it has been mooted that the rooney rule of north american sports could be introduced by the premier league and football league.) so cameron is in the right. he is on the side of the angels. as with many paternalistic patricians is that they are very keen on living their lives by the motto: do as i say not do as i do. better positions and conditions for women in business. better positions and conditions for ethnic minorities in football. however don't expect too much to change in the coalition cabinet which is pretty much an all-male all-white grouping. perhaps david cameron could lead by example? didn't think so.

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