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Thursday, August 31, 2006


some more urban art for you.

this is just off brick lane (and for anyone traveling to new york why not try out their own brick lane curry house , and what a good excuse for me to go back there...) the graffiti here is on the walls of sclater street. during the week there is a hand car wash at work here. on sundays it is a street market selling any old bric a brac that people can find.
i did spend a saturday afternoon there taking some pictures of some amazing girls doing some amazing break dance style stuff.

the building is an old pub, that is being converted into flats. back in the day my mum and dad drank there, when they got tired of the pub they ran (which has been converted into flats). to the left of the building is bethnal green road, to the right is sclater street. both take you towards brick lane.

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