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Saturday, September 02, 2006


well i had to share this story from the beeb.
it seems that the recent crack down in airports wasn't just to catch terrorists, but it was also to catch the master panty thief. over a two-year period a stanstead baggage handler managed to steal over 300 pairs of ladies panties. he was only caught because his colleagues saw him reaching into the baggage, which lead to him being knick(ered) (ho ho ho).
(sounds like he should have been working for immigration services....)

the culprit apparently has some deep seated physiological problems, due to years of being bullied while a child. the job at stanstead was his first real job and apparently he tried to fit in the only way he knew how (which begs the question what are his friends and family dipping their hands into).
while he would normally be hit with a custodial sentence in this case he was given an 18-month supervision order, his brief (geddit) said his client was very sorry for what he had done. the judge described him as "sad, but not bad"

the guilty party has had to pay costs of £55. there is no indication on the report as to whether the panties had to go back, or where destroyed (or even possibly ending up on ebay...)
who knows some enterprising advertising company may just end up using him as their next spokesperson.

see the story here

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Giant Manatee Jones said...

Maybe this guy just had a covert job with Marks & Spencer? The more panties that go missing, the more ladies have to go out and replace them. Hmmm. Reeks of conspiracy. :)