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Monday, September 25, 2006


well i am back.
i know you missed me.
i know you were worried if i was ever going to come back.
but no need to be concerned any more as i am back.

the first phase of the cleaning has been done.
i can now see carpet in the hall. admittedly the colour is odd and there are some stains that are i now consider to be works of art. i can see lino in the bathroom. i have walked the length of the hall and into the bathroom without having to climb over things, just a straight forward walk. amazing!

but this is just the start.
i still have to do the front room. that will take some time. i need to work out just how i shall approach it. shall i do it in sections? from the middle and work out? from the edges and work in? take layers from the top? i shall have to cogitate how i do it.

so phase 2 will be the front room.
phase 3 is the bedroom.

but before all that there will be a break. i am going to take some time out and just watch some films and look at some art and drink lots of coffee.

but all you need to know is i am back.


Shep said...

Just in time for the conference, eh?

Che-Jay said...

Yep and he knows the right wing way is just and true!

pat said...

indeed - did you notice how i missed the lib dems pointless affiar...

i hear jay is guest speaking at the bnp's conference, taking place in mansfield.

Shep said...

What platform is he standing on...*waits for punchline*...?

adam said...

how about a before and after shot of the living room.....

ems said...

We want photos, Pat.

pat said...

no photos. you will just have to imagine.