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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


things i was going to blog about but didn’t while i was doing the phase 1 cleaning.

cbi: the confederation of british industry recently lost digby jones but have gained richard lambert. the first thing i saw of him it seemed like he was going to be on the side of the worker. yeah i know i was stupid.
now i don’t really like the cbi as they remind me of being one of those terrible oiks at school who are keen to grass people up while brown-nosing the teacher. additionally it is hard to feel sympathy for people who probably earn more in a month than most of us earn in a year as they complain that they are hard done by.
anyway lambert had given a speech about how big business had lost the trust of the people. could it be the increasing wealth gap between those at the top and the rest of us, as they over reward themselves for doing little but outsourcing the work of their company? no that wasn’t it. could it be that we don’t get the services we are promised but we still have to pay a premium for the service, just think transport, just think water. nope wasn’t that either. could it have anything to do with them being two-faced talking about uk plc while really meaning “lets line our own pockets?” nah not that.
oh stop teasing pat, tell us the answer.
ok. the reason there is little trust for big business is because they aren’t telling us that they are wonderful. they don’t need to take stock of what they do; all they need to do is hire a better pr company.
it seems nothing changes with the cbi.
gotta love them.

cameron on globalisation: it seems that david cameron has decided to have a pop at globalisation. cameron has admitted that it is not a great thing, that in fact that it does actually hurt people and that while there are benefits to it they are not fairly distributed.
nice one dave. but this is a little like his look at me i cycle to work (even though i have a car that follows me….) because while spouting the right words about globalisation, but he isn’t going to stop companies outsourcing, he isn’t going to stop companies relocating.
but the soundbite is a clever one as in one fell swoop he has said something that can appeal to many disparate groups without out actually meaning anything. he may as well get a job working for the samaritans.

top gear: a bloke tries to go really fast in a dragster, all goes wrong and he ends up in hospital. now i have to admit several things.
1] i don’t watch top gear (partly because it has twat clarkson on it, partly because it is about cars and i don’t have a tv…)
2] i honestly thought the story was about a bloke driving fast in a dress.
what has surprised me was how it never seemed to leave the news on radio 5. i am always taken aback by the way the population get sucked into emotions of care and concern about celebs but couldn’t give a toss about an oap (i am sure i am not allowed to write that as it is ageist) who lives alone in their street, would not help a mum with her pram on to a bus, but a celeb skins their knees and we are all boo hooing.
so the bbc has had over 40,000 calls of sympathy. all i can think is why?
now oddly there was a report about the paradigm jobs of the era – one of the jobs was being a hairdresser and one of the other ones was celebrity.
now stop and think about that. celebrity. not be an artist, not be an actor, not to be a writer, not a sportsman but a celebrity. i wish that i had the ability to ask my careers teacher i wanted to a celebrity, (though he wouldn’t have been much help as useless teachers go my careers teacher was in a league of his own…)
true celeb status seems to have an importance that is diametrically opposed to the worth of the celeb. an article about a past winner of big brother can sell lots of magazines, a bloke whose main skill seems to be driving fast while talking can get hours of airtime because he is hospital.
i don’t understand celebrity and i don’t understand those people who get wrapped up in their lives.

poem: i started a poem the other day. so far i only have one line so far. “bono is a cunt”. it is short but it is perfect.

ryder cup: golf is one of those sports i don’t understand, but i don’t understand most sports that involve a bat type thing and a ball thing. for the weekend i was a fan because it was a drubbing of america. top hole!

labour party: all unprintable. but hats off to claire short, a woman of principal. she didn’t resign her position at the stat of the iraq war (unlike robin cook). now that she has decided to quit politics she has decided to have a pop at tony blair. very brave. blair is leaving (which seems to be something that most labour politicians are ignoring) and she is standing down and so has nothing to lose.
short isn’t planning to stand as an independent as she realises that one of the main reasons she gets elected is because she is mainly because she is on the labour platform.
so for someone who claims she cares for the labour party, she has added to the pressure on the party and provided the conservatives with more ammo and a bigger chance to get in.
nice one claire.

there were some other things but you have a taste of the lost blogs. when i come to do directors cut of the blogs i may add in some of the other lost blogs.


Shep said...

Ooooooh get you - Director's Cut! Will there be DVD extras where you can choose an opposite political standpoint?

Re Green David. I watched An Unconceivable Truth the other night. God that film went on forever (unlike the planet, apparently). The blurb banged on about making every man, woman and child go and see it. My 10 year old was bored silly but the oversized ex-nearly president pointing at an electronic whiteboard for 1h 40m. Now if they had Bruce explaining it all as the world blew up around him...then we're in business.

ems said...

Given you've already likened me to a Tory MP and called me a Cameron Cutie tonight (both of which are clearly wrong), I'm slightly scared to make my comment about the Hammond bloke. My first thoughts when I read about the donations to the air ambulance (a good thing in many senses) was that surely he should be footing the bill for all of this. If you're intending to drive at 300mph for the sheer hell of it why should we pick up the bill?

Giant Manatee Jones said...

Something that's neither here nor there - well two things actually - one, I think you borrowed your Bono poem from mine, cunningly entitled "Bono Is a Cunt" and involving only one line "Bono is a cunt..." But it's ok as it's a pretty obvious thing.

Two, I share a last name with "Twat Clarkson" and a first initial with Kelly "pipes" Clarkson, although I have to say, I never have over-excited ten year old girls calling me up at midnight all breathless and going "What car do you drive, how fast does it go, Say 'Ferrari' for me!". Go away Kelly Clarkson fans. (And Jeremy Clarkson fans)