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Friday, September 08, 2006


i am on a major cleaning jag at the moment.
i have not chosen to clean my flat. i am being forced into it - no it is not because i have found a gorgeous lovely oriental woman who wants to live with (i can't afford a thai bride..), it is not because i am moving, it is not because i have turned over a new leaf.
the reason is i need to get a plumber in to check some stuff. so i have to clear space to allow said workman access to the various parts of the flat that need plumbing work done.
my hall is a dangerous place. so i have to clear that. the bathroom is not much better, and of the kitchen the less said the better. so far 10 bags of rubbish have been thrown out, 3 lots of recycling done. and can i tell a difference? not really.
what has stunned me is how dirty the kitchen is considering i rarely go in there.

i have discovered that you just don't get a cleaning fluid anymore. you get ones that foam, that shine, that smell, that bacterise, that use oxygen, that need to be left, that need to be wiped straight away, that have to be mixed in water or used neat. phew. and boy oh boy when they get to work.. i have no idea what they have done to the surfaces in the flat, but they have made my hair stand on end and i think i have hallucinated 3 or four times.
wonderful stuff.

additionally i keep finding books, cds, dvds and things that i have completely forgotten i had bought. it is like getting a delivery a day from, and excellent.
though it does remind how much money i have wasted on total pants type stuff.
ah well. easy come easy go.

now that i have started the cleaning (not that anyone without the trained pat eye would know) i will have to continue until it is finished. the question is: once done will i keep the place tidy.

i think we all know the answer to that one....

(maybe i need to get me one of these?)


Shep said...

Picture of the shelves please, Pat. C'mon - it's worth it for comedy value alone...

ems said...

Shelves? I reckon hazardous, mountaineous piles of books, comics, magazines etc are much more likely. (I've seen his desk at work and surrounding 'space'). C'mon Pat, which one of us is correct. Photos please!

Escargoyle said...

Well my friend...have you tried the new scrubbing bubbles maid? Just stick it to the shower wall, push the button and leave!
Sounds amazingly like a past date but that too is another blog another time.

Che-Jay said...

I can just see you in a pinny....

pat said...

ems as i told your sister who wanted me to go on one of those cleaning programmes there is a point at which you do not lay yourself open to national ridicule.

for the record there are shleves, boxes and mountainos piles.....

as for you jay - you are just a sick puppy. but we all knew that.