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Thursday, September 28, 2006


no! no! no!no! no! no!no! no! no!no! no! no!no! no! no!
and thrice times no!
there i was listening to the radio last night and christmas was mentioned.
september is still hanging on for grim death but peple are talking about christmas....
they are talking about shops having christmas foods and decorations for sale.
they are talking about christmas decorations up in some streets (or were they divali lights?) and at least one pub has been reported as having a christmas tree up.

the world is going fucking mad i tell you.

the conference season hasn't finished.
the kids have only just gone back to school.
halloween hasn't happened, guy fawks night is still to come.
there is is eid and divali to go.

but already christmas rears it's head.

happy christmas.
bah humbug.


ems said...

You're a bit old hat, mate. Harrods opened their Christmas department back at the beginning of August. I meant to blog about it but had no energy after ranting at Colin about how ridiculous and commercialised an event Christmas is.

pat said...

two things:
1] harrods!
2] mate!

is this chavtastic emma?

Shep said...

Is it nearly Christmas?!!!

*dances little jig*

ems said...

1. I read about Harrods in the newspaper. I haven't visited.

2. Can I be a Cameron Cutie propsective Tory MP and a chav all at the same time?

richie said...

i'll be in india again this chrimbo. curry-tastic! no decorations! no one telling you that you must have a good time! no pissed up office chavs. lovely