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Saturday, August 05, 2006


did i read that right.
could be true that the mail on sunday - one of the establisments newspapers, the newspaper of middle england and of reactionary views - is going to have a cd of the songs of the stranglers...
i have to say i missed punk, i was only getting into music about then. meanwhile many of my contemporaries were going to gigs and being spat on by the likes of johnny rotten, to me it was just nothing. i did develope a liking for the stranglers. i liked their attitude, i liked their songs and i liked the fact that they could play.

as i understand it there are many arguments as to whether or not they were a real punk band. but they released great lps such as "rattus norvegicus", "no more hereoes", "black and white" and singles such as "grip", "peaches" "no more heroes" and "golden brown". perhaps their longevity has gone against them and they have become a safe band.

but it is still a terrible blow to their legacy to find out that the daily mail thinks it is a winning strategy for them to have a stranglers cd as a freebie. true i will be buying a copy, but then i can get angry at the bollocks written inside as well as getting excited by the tunes.

what is next a best of the the sex pistols free with the telegraph.

how punk has fallen, and how old we have all gotten.


adam said...

that was a fun time. john peel at 10 on radio 1. the undertones, talking heads, joy division, the pistols, the very loud shows in very small places. walking home from the strand with paul roberts after missing the last train home after a fall show (though i think penetration was the headliner).

ems said...

It's probably too late to say 'don't do it!'. I'm sure my mum would have you let have her copy for free. Unless she is, of course, a closet Stranglers fan.

Just goes to show gimmicks do work when it comes to buying newspapers.

Che-Jay said...

You missed punk? and there was me thinking you were out watching bands in the 60's!