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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


pictures from around and about.
mainly st giles high street. centre point is one of those buildings i like as it provides a location point in london. the view you have looking at the building shows denmark street where forbidden planet 1 used to, and st giles high street where fp 2 used to. back in the days when collectors of comics talked about non-distributed comics and when distributors brought comics in via sea-frieght.
i met the love of my life in the old fp shop, i queued to attend many a signing there (inlcuding one 2000ad signing that was delayed as police carried bodies out from a chinese gambling den that had caught fire the night before...)
now denamrk street is given over to music stores - even though i have no talent i still drool over the bass guitars.
the only thing that makes the area remarkable now is the hairdressers which is aimed at the chinese community. so there are occassionally hotties to admire.

centre point was recently the home of digby jones, ex of the cbi. i never saw him out and about in the local area.


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Che-Jay said...

I'm commenting purely out of pity for you getting no comments on the pics, now my pics of Derbyshire they love!