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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


i am beginning to think i need to do a photo blog. but that is for another time.

here are some more of the the local area.

recently london seems to have become a very large building site. cranes are ubiquitous. i like cranes. i still wonder how they get built. i am sure it has been explained to me many times, it still seems like magic. given my love of solitude it would be a truly fantastic place to work. oh except i am not keen on heights.
one of the things that is interesting about the building that is taken place around london is how much of it involves knocking down old (and still functional) buildings and replacing them with new and hopefully functional buildings that have the wow factor but some how don't meld in with the local surroundings and although they are attempting to have that buzz factor always seem to look like a variation on a rogers or foster designed building - or if they are out there and totally different then they are so at odds with the rest of the environment they look silly.
true there are times when they just work and are wonderful to look at. the swis re (or erotic gherkin) is a case in point.
i like progress when it works - mostly we are replacing buidlings that have personality with buildings that have an identi-kit look to them.

the reason i am sharing these two photos is simply because they remind me of the martian tripods (even though they are not martians and are not tripods... it's artistic licence).
it was a blazing hot day. my back is towards commerical street. the building activity is taking place around the bishopsgate complex.

this photo is one of those common sight gags people with cameras like to do, and guess what i am not different.
my shadow stars in this photo. i think it is made by the shadow of the lamp post as well. once again this was taken by the truman brewery on grey eagle road.


Che-Jay said...

They are demolishing it for obvious reasons!

Shep said...

Use Flickr for your photos - I love it.