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Saturday, August 05, 2006


so some bits and pieces.

tommy sheridan wins his case against the new of the world. he is £200,000 richer and is now better known than he was before. perversely some people will probably think that there is no smoke without fire and that tommy is a bit of a lad. he should be a shoo in at his next election.
nice job those boys at the news of the world.

ridley scott has apparently been told his £7 million house is too much like a home filled with nostalgic bric-a-brac than it is a designer wet dream. now i am not one who can actually talk that much about interior design (my own personal look is based on early waste tip) but even i know that if you are going to live in a place then it has to be what you want and not something that some "expert" tells you is the right look. it seems even more bizarre that someone who people have to suck up to such as ridley scott, should care what others think. you would have thought that he would have been more of a "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" type of person.
still it must be a great job telling people how to decorate their houses, creating a buzz about a "look" and never having to live in it. i think i would very much like to dictate style to people. i would laugh all the way to the bank.

look-a-like today someone said i looked like jerry garcia, but more healthy. then he mentioned charles darwin (i don't believe he was trying to chat me up. if he was his lines need some work on them). i mentioned i was more karl than charles. "are you a commie..." i think he was genuinely scared at that point. never has anyone shown that much relief at jumping on a circle line train.
i should be thankful that he didn't say i bore a resemblance to mad bad drunk mel gibson who with his big beard looked like a raving loony. can't wait to see his new movie, it promises to be epic and mad at the same time.
talking of looks johann hari of the independent has got a whole new look for his page in the evening standard (what is it with radical liberals who end up doing work at the evening standard - do they think they are somehow going to subvert the paper? or do they just like the cash?). anyway when he is pictured for his column for the indie - it is the earnest young man who stares out at us from the page. the concerned politically right on johann who feels the pain of the downtrodden. over at the standard he looks more the rakish chappie about town, less concerned with saving the world rather he is looking for a good time.
johann is gay, no biggie. his piece today was a criticism of george michael (not for his lamentable music - as that would have been acceptable- the last single i heard was while i was trapped in a queue in tescos, i was ready to slit my wrists by the end of it...) his argument seemed to be that because george is of a certain age and from a certain background he is a little embarrassed about his gayness and so goes cruising and cottaging for this reason. now i don't know george that well but i get the feeling that george isn't embarrassed about his sexuality he positively enjoys it (and he may as well do being one of the most visible gay blokes on the planet).
hari seems to contend that his generation of gay blokes are at home with their sexuality and so are no hanging around hampstead heath late at night or popping into gents lavs to check for signs of action. of course while the media might contribute to the "grim" lifestyle of someone like george michael because of the negative images they portray (i believe one paper had a headline of "zip me up before you go go") the self same media has not really had that affect on the young dynanmic thrusting (sorry couldn't resist) gay man.
hoorah for that gay man.
in the case of hari all this is undercut by his less than funny rent boy joke in which johann offered himself to michael for at least £500,000, its ok it is a positive images as gay bois are doing it for themselves, rather than a seedy take on it such as the sun might use.
it is a line that would not have made it into his column in the indie perhaps he is just someone who understands the key to the readers of each news organ he writes for.
as for george who needs enemies when you have friends like that...

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