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Friday, August 25, 2006


pluto is no longer a planet, it has been demoted to being a dwarf planet.
for one reason it is because its orbit cuts across mecurys orbit. the other reason is that it is not just big enough.
it is now a prototype of a new class of astronoical object class.
so not quite a demotion more a move sideways then...

yet more proof, if we need it, that size matters.


pat said...

of course when i wrote mercury i wasn't really thinking about astronomy i was thinking of the ex tag team of MNM, which featured johnny mercury and of course the lovely melina....

what i should have typed was neptune.


Che-Jay said...

When does London get demoted from capital city and Nottingham take its place?

ems said...

Never, Jay, never. You'd need a bit more than a few faux Cockneys moving up your way.