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Monday, April 29, 2013


spammed alot

back in the days when i was at school (yeah i can just about remember that far back) one of the things a couple of my classmates did was to recite whole chunks of monty python sketches. (also favourite for the wholesale don't stop till you are bored stupid with it quote was 'hitchhiker's guuide to the universe' radio show - i may have heard most of it in live quotation form and have never been able to take the books, tv series or film seriously because of that. scarred for life).

anyway one of the things monty python was famous for was the spam sketch.
i shan't bore you with it - i have suffered it being repeated between lessons for a year or more - i know the pain it can cause.

every time i get a spam email to the blog it makes me think of andy and david, with maybe a helping of nick thrown in, all doing their versions of the sketch.

what annoys me most about the spam i get is how inappropriate it is.
i don't care abut jimmy shoes (geddit) or lv bags (i'm more a sainsbury's bag for life type of guy) nor are air jordan's my thing.
what i want is to be spammed for things i might at least like - true most of that is going to be x-rated stuff but at least there is a chance i would be interested. 

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