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Sunday, April 14, 2013


dreams dreams dreams

look i’m the first to admit that most of the time other people’s dreams are boring.
hell most of the time my dreams are boring.

i go through phases of dreaming – there are times when i have a load that i can remember and i promise myself that as they were so outrageously wonderful and weird that i will write them down. i forget and the world is deprived of some wonderful entertainment.
then there are times when my sleep is deep and untroubled by the mess of dreams.

everyone now and then i have a dream and wonder what the flimflam sparked that one off.
so the one where i go into a warehouse sized sport equipment store where i am confronted by a gaggle of clean cut american cuties dressed in tight white athletic gear seems to be promising, but in the end i just leave the shop with a floppy old school beret come baseball cap.
a depressing dream because of the implied promise and the eventual outcome.
still a tad dull and well within the bounds of understanding.

then there is the dream where i am walking around the top floor of an industrial warehouse that has been kitted out to be one f those lovely minimal but expensive apartments.
a large rumpled bed dominates the scene. it is awash with naked bodies all in the glow of post coital pleasure. on closer inspection all the bodies are those of members of the bbc’s ‘test match special’ cricket commentary team.

this is the sort of dream that disturbs me, as even in the dream there is a sense of ‘what on earth am i thinking with this dream?
all i know is i’ll never be able to listen to the cricket commentary in quite the same way now that i know what they all get up to in their hotel rooms.
images that have the power to scar a mind for life.

it needed to be shared – in talking about it i have lessened the impact on me.
i hope you get to dream about (very) sticky wickets very soon.

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