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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


oh give it a rest

another rich and minted tory has jumped on the 'oh i could live for tuppence a day with a song in my heart' bandwagon.
edwina currie has challenged 5live's stephen nolan to do the same - with a i'll do it if you will argument.
why bother?

ms currie had once appeared on the stephen nolan show to call people liars when they said that they had to make a choice between eating and heating. her argument being that no one was that poor in the uk. that food banks are on the rise (and even these have been criticised by a tory or two) was immaterial to ms. currie, that callers were telling her of their situation mattered not. as far as edwina was concerned the idea that a choice had to be made was impossible. 

it isn't that people can't live on a pittance when they need to, what is soul destroying and crushing is the knowledge that it is more than likely never going to get better.
oddly i think this is just what the senior thinkers in the conservative party want.
they want the poor to feel fear and despair - they want the poor to be willing to accept the bare minimum because anything else is an affront to them.

they can bleat on as much as they like about wanting to have a land of strivers and making work pay, but really they are not interested in helping the disadvantaged.

needless to say i do wish the bbc wouldn't give publicity to attention seeking media tories who just want to keep their profile up so that they can make more money from their next public speaking engagement or put themselves in a position for the next cash injecting tv reality show.
unless of course that show is 'i'm living on the breadline and i'm loving it' in which case i suspect edwina's diary will be full.

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Shep said...

I always thought her daughter was alright...