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Thursday, April 25, 2013


it's a small small small small world

cameron has invited a johnson into 10 downing street as an adviser on his policy team.
it's not boris, instead it is his younger brother - jo johnson.

jojo (if he isn't called that now - it is only a matter of days before it becomes his nickname) has been chosen to be part of this new policy quango in order to connect the prime minister and downing street to the party, to sharpen up the image and tighten the message.
the conservatives are circling the wagons and concentrating their appeal in their core supporters.

like boris and cameron, jo is a product of eton and oxford.
like boris and cameron jojo (if he isn't called that now - it is only a matter of days before it becomes his nickname) went to eton and oxford, at oxford he was a contemporary of george osborne. before becoming a politician jo johnson was a successful and prize winning journalist at the financial times.
he is even married to a guardian journalist.

i have no objections to jo johnson as i have no idea who he is.
my real issue is just how small the pool of people is that controls our lives and opinions and just how incestuous it is - even to the extent that so-called opponents are in bed with each other (as in the case of mr. and mrs johnson - at least michael gove has the decency to wed a journalist from the times).

quite how these people are supposed to represent the rest of us when so much of their lives are tied up within a certain circle of friends and colleagues is more and more a serious question to be asked. for all the talk of the press about how they have to be independent of politicians it is surprising just how many are related to each other.
the influence that each group can exert on each other isn't something that can be defined, but we know it happens. more and more it is a detriment to the rest of us as we have to live out the consequences of decisions made by people whose only experience of our world is through their sanitised visits that are overseen by their press office.

still the tories will be happy that they have a johnson in number 10 helping to shape decisions even if he is cut from the same cloth as cameron, osborne and the rest.
more things change.
blah blah blah.

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