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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


oh the irony of it

the worst i suffered in the winter was a bit of a snuffle and a few blocked noses (a good root around with the pinky soon cleared that). now with the first day of spring (well as close as it is going to get) i have succumbed to a mix of hay fever and a cold - fanfuckingtastic.
headachey and runny nose.

runny noses remind me of my gran.
my gran knitted for england. she would sit there and click clack all day and all night long. the needles a blur the balls of wool shrinking and some garment taking shape at impossible speeds as she sat and watched tv or chatted.
click clack. clack click.
big needles, small needles, fat, thin (they all had numbers on the top - lucky i hadn't become a collector back then or else i would have had to have a full set of knitting needles).
measuring tape and pattern book (some curious morse code that turned a jumble of knit 1 purl 1 into clothes that can be worn. it wouldn't surprise me if alan turing and the people of bletchley park had used knitting patterns as a way of encoding secrets during the second world war.

my gran knitted.
i had lots and lots of jumpers. many had patterns on the top half and plain at the bottom (there is no doubt a fashionista term for this - but buggered if i know it), she knitted me cardigans - i still have my starsky and hutch inspired cardies and i can still get into them. she knitted me scarves (and yes i did have a very long very much modelled on tom baker's dr. who scarf - and yes i know you are jealous).

while all this woolen wear was much appreciated (and some of it is still in use today - decades after she died) the one thing i remember about her jumpers was that as a child whenever i had a runny nose i would cuff it on the jumper sleeve.
there were days when the sleeve was crusted and i could have used it as a cudgel.

right now i miss those jumpers and the simple childlike pleasure of the cuff.

so in memory of my gran and jumpers of bygone days i am declaring april 3rd as international snot cuff day.
spread the word.
join in the cuff. 

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