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Thursday, April 04, 2013


you have to admire their brass

i have to admit to a growing grudging admiration for the sheer relentlessness of the current coalition attack on the poor and the working class.
we are just entering a period of getting used to some sweeping changes to the welfare system and the national health system.
we have just listened to the daily mail and george osborne co-opt a terrible tragedy as being proof of why the welfare system is bad for people.
now we are hearing talk of how they are interested in cutting the minimum wage, because they see that as being a way to stimulate the economy (this would be the same way to stimulate and motivate the workforce as the ability to sack workers for no good reason other than you don't like them). it leads to questions such as which planet are these people from? do they actually think before they speak? who is lining their pockets?

i'd be interested to see the evidence that dropping the minimum wage would do anything other than depress demand even further, or that because you can pay your staff less you are going to employ more of them.

not that it matters because that isn't really how the conservatives think or really what they are concerned about.
they want a return to the workhouse and doffing of caps to those who are our betters.

oh i have just thought of another question to ask: who voted for them? and are you still proud of yourself for doing so?

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