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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


twitter isn't something i use that much.
i am on it. i even look at it occasionally. as someone still trying to get to grips with texting twitter really isn't aimed at me. i can almost see the attraction of it, yet its very unique selling point (usp to you and me) is the very thing that makes it so dangerous and in some ways so limited.

you can't say much in 140 characters - yet at the same time you can say a lot that will get you misunderstood (hi rio). you can also send you message in haste only to repent at your leisure (or more often at her majesty's leisure).

twitter is the home for celebs to get their views to their fans. their wit and wisdom laid bared for all of us to marvel at. the nature of twitter allows their many fans to get back to them - sometimes the replies and comments are not complimentary and this causes upset for some. tough shit. you put yourself out there use social media to promote yourself then you are going to have to put up with some anti-social comments. i am not condoning bullying, just saying you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth - you are not going to be loved by everyone. get over yourselves.

twitter is also the home of champions of free speech - who oddly use their twitter celebrity to persuade their fans that what someone else has said or written is wrong and needs to be stopped. because we know speech is only free when it agrees with what we agree with.

you would have thought that twitter users would understand the potential problems there is attached to it and learn to ignore most of it.

seems what twitter really does is make everyone thin skinned.

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