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Wednesday, July 04, 2012


another day another story about how vile benefit cheats are.
no one likes those who are leeching off the state, no one likes cheats. the problem is the way these things are reported is that everyone who is on benefits (except pensioners - who make up the largest percentage of benefits claimants) is tarred with the 'cheats' tag.

terry moran, director general at the department of work and pensions wants to name and shame bogus benefit claimants by posting their photos in the streets that they live in. why stop there? let's start branding claimants as well, or make them wear special coloured armbands so we can easily spot them. 

maybe it is time for each town and city to bring back the stocks? 

before we get around to naming and shaming those who cheat the benefit system perhaps we should start by having all those members of parliament who have benefited from the expenses system do a regular walk of shame through trafalgar square? 
we could also have anyone claiming to be non-dom in order to reduce the money they pay in taxes forced to do community service - i am sure there are a number of park toilets that need cleaning out. 
then there are the corporations who do their level best not to pay their fair share of tax - now would be a good time to have each and every member of their boards stand up in a school that has a leaking roof to explain just why they are not paying tax (and they might mention how their little angel is doing ok in the independent sector at a school that is no doubt claiming charitable status). 

do you know what i think terry moran has a great idea - now let's see it being applied to all who may not be paying their full share and who is cheating. 

don't hold your breath though as the only 'bad' people in the world are those who are unemployed and can't find work - they are just rogues, cads and bounders. 
the rest of the people who bend the rules and stretch a point are all entrepreneurs so they can do what they like because it benefits us all. apparently.

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