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Saturday, July 28, 2012


my bag has died.
it has been a trusty companion for a fair few years. it has done me proud. it will be missed.

when i walked out with the bag slung over my shoulder i could pretend that i was either jack bauer or kwai chang cain, it was that sort of a bag.

with my trusty, but now deceased, shoulder bag i sometimes felt like i was jack bauer. true i never had to stop a terrorist incident, however there were many a dammits as i walked down the road and a few times when i might have happily tortured any of the texting twats who didn't look where they were going.
(i hasten to add my bag was gunless).

then there were the times when i would be out walking with the bag and having deep thoughts filled with profound wisdom that dripped off the tongue in clever epigrams. this would have happened more often if my walks had been accompanied by a horse. 

just a shame i never treated the bag with the same loving care that jack and caine showered on their bags. my problem with a bag is that if there is space in it i will try to fill it, you never know when you might need that thing or the other thing. a bag is never complete unless it is carrying some pens, a couple of notebooks, maybe more depending on the situation, a book (or two), chargers (phone and camera), bottle of water; just the basic stuff. by the time i would be coming home there might be a lot more in it.

i never set out to fill it to bursting point. it is just that often i did.
all too often there would be too much stuff in the bag and after a day of walking around my back would be twinging. not that i heeded the message, as it wouldn't take long for me to go out again only to return with another full bag.

i could get a smaller bag. i would still fill it to the brim. just less stuff. (or additional bags).
i could get a bigger bag - though that would just mean i start off with more stuff.

right now i am going to stick to the rucksuck i have - it is not as cool as the bag i mourn i have no flights of fancy when i carting it around with me (and in this weather it does guarantee that i am a total sweat monster), but for now it will serve a purpose until i can decide on a replacement bag.

it will tough to find a replacement. 

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