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Monday, June 25, 2012


want is a terrible thing.
it is even more of a terrible thing when the thing(s) you want are mere piffle when it comes to the great scheme of things. the one good thing about not having any money is that i can't act on these mad wants.

i remember when i was a kid and the two things i loved about sports was that you could collect cards or stickers and make up albums of all the big teams. or if you were lucky you could collect the coins/medals that the petrol stations used to create around some of the special sporting events.
i don't think i ever managed to complete one full set. ever. perhaps that was half the fun.

go have a look at the london 2012 olympic web shop and be stunned at the amount of sheer and total pap and tat you can buy. from the laughable collectables, the overpriced homeware and of course the less than good sports kits from the vivid imagination of stella mccartney, who has reimagined the union flag without red in it (because, she says, what with the americans and french being there people wouldn't recognise the home kit among all the red white and blue, but they will immediately be able to pick out the blue union flag straight away. hey that makes sense to me). let's not even talk about the scary mascots wenlock and mandeville (though i do have admit to a liking of pride the lion).
all in all there is a lot of stuff that is for sale that should never have come off the drawing board, but it won't matter as there will be thousands upon thousands of people who will want a keepsake of the event and the many small things that populate the london 2012 shop will serve a need, even if they are not all that good.

no need to worry.
step forward lego to save the day.

lego have created a set of mini figures for the olympics. yay.
it can only be a short while before someone does and olympic stadium boxset of lego.
i'll pass on the stadium - just because i know i would always lose a piece or two before i completed the model and given how long it takes me to work out the plans on a simple argos bookcase i am pretty sure a lego oly,pic stadium model is going to be a bit beyond me.

though it would be nice to be able to put these little lego figures in it.

check them out and tell me you don't want them as well...

ok so it looks like the olympics is taking place in springfield - but they are still great.

olympic shop online here and as bricks and mortar shop details are here - just in case you feel the need to buy a logo pin or the team gb football kit.
i guess the lego figures will be available anywhere that sells lego and especially places that are olympic sponsors - so that will be sainsbury's then.

collect them all.

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