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Sunday, June 17, 2012


ed miliband declares that david cameron is a tainted prime minister.
part of mr. miliband's argument is based on mr. cameron's somewhat cringe making relationship with rebakah brooks and his defence of jeremy hunt, the culture secretary. another aspect of mr. miliband's argument is that mr. cameron appears to be ideologically wedded to austerity measures, even though it appears they are not working. add to that mr. cameron's support of the rich and for mr. miliband this all adds up to a tainted prime minister.

the response of the conservative party? that mr. miliband "isn't living in the real world".

would this be the real world where grant shapps, housing minister, believes you can give large discounts to those living in social housing to allow them to buy those houses cheaply, and yet be able to replace those housing. (if it was that easy why aren't they doing it now?)

would this be the real world in which iain duncan smith believes that the easiest way to eradicate child poverty is that at least one of the parents work 35-hours at minimum wages. mr, duncan smith, even if mr. duncan smith was right he neglects to mention where these minimum wage jobs are going to come from.

or perhaps it is the world that eric pickles lives in where he wants to cut down on the number of problem families by rewarding them if they get jobs. a nice idea - if there were jobs available for them.

on average there are 6 people for every vacancy, and this increases to 20 people if you add in those who are working part time and who are looking for full time work.
maybe this isn't the case in the world that iain and eric live in.

maybe, just maybe it is the conservatives who have are not living in the real world.
the real shame is - we are all in it (their fantasy world) together - and for a lot of us it is not a good place to be.

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