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Friday, June 08, 2012


more olympic tickets went on sale.
more people are left feeling upset because they couldn't get a ticket. shock! horror!

it is not because there are not tickets available (there are a few million left for the olympic football events) it is just that those who are complaining haven't gotten the tickets they want for the events that they want. of course this doesn't happen for any other event. ever.
music and sport never have that problem - champion's league final: just the right number of seats available for the fans who wanted to go. rugby world cup final: not one disappointed fan. music that u2 tour: the correct number of tickets available for the fans who wanted them. lady gaga: no touts needed because no fan left behind.
strangely we never hear about their major disappointment in the papers - then is seen as more a mark of success - wow they sold out in less than a day. when it is the olympics it is 'oh that is terrible there are not enough tickets' as if the stadiums are like concertinas that can be expanded at will.

“i bet i’m not alone in being unable to get any tickets on 2012 website wasted 45mins and i want them so badly” so says daley thompson (one of the few people i would say deserves to get some free tickets), and he is not alone with complaining that he couldn't get tickets.
of course, as noted, there are football tickets available - so if it is just a case of being part of the olympic 'moment' then tickets are available, but if it is about getting hold of a ticket to one of the premier events what on earth were people expecting this close to the games? that the organisers suddenly found hundreds of thousands of tickets available? or that only thirty people throughout the country were actually going to try to get those last minute tickets?

the news media seems to need to have a 'bad' story to tell. the idea that there are a lot of very happy people who have tickets or that the olympic organisers have done a pretty good job in selling all the tickets that they have done. if there had been a lot of tickets left then there would have been a completely different 'bad' story from the news media.

just celebrate the fact that pretty much everything seems to be working pretty smoothly and that it looks like the worst that is going to happen to the london olympics is going to be the english weather.

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