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Monday, June 18, 2012


there are a lot of things i should have done, and experiences i have missed.
there are some thing i have done that, in hindsight, i might have been better off not doing.

today i had a new experience and it isn't one i ever thought i would have, and it isn't one i would recommend.

i was in a church crypt that was evocatively lit by lots of small candles.
i was drinking a black coffee and chatting away.
next thing i know someone is patting me on the back and and saying 'nooooo'. i thought that i had knocked something over. ah if only it was something so simple.

i had walked into something: a candle. hair meets flame and benny hill carry on moment ensues.
fortunately it was put out before any serious damage could happen.
all that was seriously damaged was my pride.

in case you are wondering the smell of burning hair isn't very nice.
and it lingers.
it lingers.

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