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Thursday, June 21, 2012


the only reason i can get angry at jimmy carr and his almost complete avoidance of paying tax is that he has had the gall to point the fingers at others for doing exactly the same thing. a case of  he who is with sin cast the first stone.
he blames the advise that he was given by his accountant.
remember what he has done (but isn't going to do any more) is legal.

every government seems to promise to close the loopholes, yet they never seem to do so.
losses through tax avoidance costs the treasury (and therefor the country's taxpayers) several times more than the bill for benefits. yet it is those who are benefits that are attacked as feckless and 'getting something for nothing' being a burden on the taxpayer.
the attacks on tax avoiders are a little less strident and only take on a moral aspect when it is someone such as jimmy carr.

it was bad enough when trevor kavanagh of the sun was talking about mr. carr's indiscretion with nary a word said about how news international makes sure it pays as little tax as possible in the uk (while always wanting to have a say in how the government of the day runs). yet it was left to david cameron to add that special sheen of hypocrisy when he  waded in with his 'morally wrong' comment. you had to wonder what was he thinking with pals such as lord ashcroft and philip green. perhaps it is ok to avoid tax if you have the right old school connections or you can contribute to the party's coffers - just don't do it if you happen to be an oik of a comedian.

still if there is one positive to take out of this it is that there are a whole slew of journos out looking for any of the cabinet or close to david cameron who are engaged in a bit of tax avoidance.
looking forward to when those stories break.

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