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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


the beeb comes in for a lot of flack.

boris has wittered on about how the new director general of the bbc should be a tory - because they know how to run things efficiently and effectively. it is true - just ask george osborne. jeremy hunt must have been thinking it was a perfect job for him once he 'left' the cabinet, now that he is safe and secure i am sure he will be advising baroness warsi that he will support her in the same way he did news international.
while boris may not like the beeb - he does like their ex-staff as he keeps hiring them.

the daily mail sees the bbc as the source of all evil in the world, not to mention all future evil. at the moment they are railing against the 'poor' and 'dumbed down' coverage that the bbc did of the queen's diamond jubilee.

over at the sunday times' culture magazine there are always letters saying how poor some, if not all, bbc programmes are. there are never (or rarely) any that say how wonderful sky's programmes are - which is odd when you consider the relationship between the sunday times and sky.

it would be wrong of me to suggest that these three all have ulterior motives for their attacks on the bbc, but they do.

i don't watch much tv these days, but i am an avid listener to bbc radio - there they do a fine job of informing and entertaining. while they may have a few presenters who get on my nerves they are much better than their rvials in news and talk radio - lbc and talksport.

if boris and co have a problem with the bbc they might be better off promoting the services they think are that much better and let the quality of output make the case for them, especially as those supposed  'better services' are the ones that the daily mail and the sunday times are trying to make money from.
so stow the negativity and promote the positive - if it is as good as you say it is!

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