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Saturday, June 09, 2012


confidence is a funny thing. 

i have always had a problem with maths. when confronted with numbers and mathematical problems my head just goes to mush. i think i can pinpoint when it all went wrong for me. i broke my collar bone playing rugby in the 4th year at school. it meant i had a few weeks off school. when i broke it we were doing basic trigonometry, when i came back they were doing quadratic equations and i was lost.

from that moment on maths became a nightmare for me. i just didn’t get it. the funny thing is i think maths looks wonderful. it is clean. it is precise. and it looks great.
ask me to work out percentages and i will shit myself. even something like a spreadsheet programme, such as excel, is wasted on me because i just don’t think mathematically.

over the last few weeks i have had to do a number of numeracy and literacy tests – and strangely my results have been alright. admittedly these tests are little more than can you add three numbers together, but they are a start.
so armed with that i decided to do a maths course, it is nothing special and won’t have me doing quadratic equations yet it does build confidence. who knows i might even be able to face percentages, not just yet. 

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