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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


looking for work is dispiriting. just like jobs, laughs are few and far between. on a recent trip to the jobcentre i saw an ad for some voluntary work - there won't be a job at the end of it but the experience would be useful and frankly doing something is better than doing nothing. even though it is a voluntary work they still have a range of skills that they want you to have.
as my pal paul says this is akin to saying 'idiots need not apply.' except that in one or two trips to people who help you write your cv i was asked about what skills i have, i confess this left me at a loss (i am not very good at selling myself). i was asked could i use a photocopier? could i file? in the light of those questions the requirements of the job seem ok. it is ok until you see what the job itself entails.
it has been a long time since i last used the dlr but i am pretty sure that this is a brand new service, and a very liberal one. i do have a sneaking suspicion that once the daily mail gets a hold of this there will be an outcry. oh it's a spelling mistake. the whole thing isn't as much fun now.

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