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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


the area i am doing my short training course has a high density of vietnamese shops. in the windows of most of these shops are posters for events that might of interest to the to the local vietnamese population. one such poster is advertising an 'oriental party'. i can't deny i like oriental women. so a nightclub that will have oriental women going to it is an attraction. (now before going any further i have to say that at the moment the idea of me going to any club other than the local derby and joan is fanciful. why? you ask. lack of funds. i reply). there is nothing to stop me window shopping, as it were, and dreaming of the time when i have money and i can go along to such a nightclub and just be a happy old man (which is better than being a dirty old man). my first attempt to find the club was a disaster as all i bother to remember off the poster was 'oriental party'. if i am going to be that vague with the internet it is going to hit me with a lot of choice. i would get more information the next day and then look. this time i had a club name. add the club name to the club theme night and i should have it made. nope. another day, another try. seems i had gotten the club name wrong. this time i took my time, took down all the details. all the details. now i had a club name, a club location, the night it took place, the name of the theme night. total information. going to be a total winner. oh yes. ah my confidence was soon dented. putting all that information in got me nothing. ok i'll just go with the club. that worked. i have now found the club. they used to have two venues but one has closed down. the one that is still open is where the 'oriental party' takes place. fantastic. i go to the club website. can't find out anything about this 'oriental party' club night. that is annoying. no worries. they have a club calendar - perhaps they are calling it something else. they are not. there is a club on each week in teh slot that the 'oriental party' is supposed to be on. it is quite different from the night i had hoped for. there is a good chance that i would be quite popular at the club that does take place - but i am not going to find out. i went hunting for cute oriental girls. i found bears.
(is it me or is this what brian blessed would look like with close trimmed beard?)

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