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Thursday, May 03, 2012


just recently a commons select committee decided that rupert murdoch was not fit to run an international corporation. while it is fun to see one of the most powerful men in the world be attacked and humbled through the stupid actions of his over zealous and, in hindsight, idiotic staff. while it is also fun to see members of parliament follow the lead of ed miliband on confronting and attacking murdoch, leaving much of the tory party swinging in the wind. though i am enjoying the schadenfreude of murdoch's position. i can't help but remember some old wise words about casting the first stone. members of parliament and members of select committees - have a look around and make sure that no one near you has been implicated in the expense scandal. those members of parliament who speak out about how someone is unfit - please remind us what you said and where you stood when your colleagues were dipping your hands into the public purse in order to buy duck houses and chocolate biscuits. i am sure when it comes to being unfit for purpose there are a few sitting on the benches in the house of commons who don't quite measure up to the standards they are seeking to apply to others. something to think about.

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